Textile sticker.

The adhesive cloth that

we use stickit.gr for

door stickers, wardrobe, kitchen

it is very easy to fit.

 It is very durable and suitable

for indoor installation

, on smooth surfaces, doors, wardrobes, kitchen cabinets, wooden surfaces

> Make sure that the mounting surface is clean of dust,

or fat.

Also, the surface must not be porous or corroded.

The room temperature should be greater than 15 ° C during installation

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Phototex® sticker

Phototex® is a unique self-adhesive fabric.

It has already been widely used in industry

by large customers such as Clinique, McDonald's


It is ideal for high resolution photographic printing.

It is excellent material for photo - upholstery & upholstery of door, wardrobe and so on.

It is very easy to place it without special tools.

It is possible

paste and reposition it

even after a long time

 Thanks to the high strength of the material, it is impossible to create wrinkles.


It can also be used on doors with decorative designs (only if carved,

not if they stand out)


The rear welding surface is waterproof. This makes the material fit

for use in humid areas, such as bathrooms, spa areas, swimming pools and outdoor areas.

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Who is she doing to me?

<Textile for>

> Flat surfaces

> Replacement

> Wardrobes

> Kitchen cabinets

<Phototex for>

> Decorated doors

(carvings etc)

> Replacement

> Places with humidity

(bathroom doors, interior)


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