Textile Sticker.


The Textile sticker (sticker) that we use on stickit.gr has removable glue, and is very easy to fit.

It has a high durability and is suitable for indoor installation, on smooth surfaces, wardrobes, doors, wooden surfaces.

For wall mounting, see the unique Phototex® material

(It can also be placed on glass surfaces, contact us for details)

Make sure that the mounting surface is clean of dust or grease.

Also, the surface must not be porous or corroded.

On freshly painted walls, the paint must have dried. for at least 5 days

The room temperature should be greater than 15 ° C during installation.


At stickit.gr we use eco solvent, eco-friendly and durable.

The colors in our stickers remain bright and clear, whether it's a single color or our wonderful colorful designs.

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