Adhesive wallpaper, Phototex®

Phototex® is a unique, self-adhesive fabric that can be placed on any non-porous flat surface. It has already been widely used in the industry by large customers such as Clinique, McDonald's and Macy's and many others


  It's ideal for high-resolution photographic printing.

  It is an excellent material for photo - tapestries.

  It is very easy to place it without special tools.

  Transform your space in minutes!

  Paste can be pasted and repositioned even after a long time


Phototex® is a highly versatile medium that can be used indoors and outdoors, can be wrapped around corners or poles

    Its fine texture allows high resolution images to be printed up to 2540dpi.

    Thanks to the high strength of the material, it is impossible to create wrinkles.

    You can also illuminate it, and because of the translucent structure of the material, create amazing results.

    Amazingly flexible allowing you to wrap it around corners.

    Phototex® is a waterproof material.

    Resistance to winds up to 800 km / h!

    Non-reflective surface.


Phototex® does not peel the paint from the walls and does not damage the wallpaper on which it can be placed.

In 99% of cases where phototex® is removed, there is absolutely no residue.

Phototex® can be repositioned and reused, and is highly resistant to temperature fluctuations and other conditions.


The rear welding surface is waterproof.

This makes the material suitable for use in humid areas such as bathrooms, spa areas, swimming pools and outdoor areas.

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