What are wall stickers?

It's an easy, fast and cost-effective way to decorate and change your space.

They do not need special tools for their placement, they have a long life and are applied to most surfaces.

What are photographic wallpapers?

The modern and flexible way to dress your walls, wardrobe, or door to excellent resolution and print quality.

DO NOT need glue or special tools & in a very short time transform your space!

In what designs, colors and dimensions are there?

On our page we have a very large collection that is updated every day.

But we have the ability to prepare for you any design, whatever you want.

Use the form in the "Contact" menu to send the file you want.

Soon we will contact you to make an offer to you.

On what surfaces are they placed?

Our stickers can be placed on any smooth surface.

Walls, windows, plastic or metal surfaces are some of them.

Phototex® is also placed on porous, non-smooth walls or surfaces.

In any case, we can suggest alternative materials or placement methods

See our guide in the menu, Information> Placement Tips, to see instructions and what to look out for before purchasing and placing.

How can I buy your products?

The purchase of our products is exclusively from the website Delivery is by courier. Alternatively, you can pick them up from our store, Malakopis 30 & Prousis, 54454, K. Toumba, Thessaloniki. In this case, there is no shipping charge.

What materials do you use?

For wall stickers we use white, vinyl sticker.

For photographic wallpapers we use Phototex®

For the paintings we use very good quality canvas.

We print with ecological ink, eco solvent in professional Roland, printers.

We also have a great variety of other professional materials.

One way vision, canvas, molded stickers and more can be used.

More information on each construction material can be found in the corresponding menu

Cleaning or removing stickers

Wall stickers are easily cleaned with a slightly damp cloth.

Removing them easily without debris and without damage to the space they have been installed.

It is advisable to use warm air from a hair dryer before removing it.

Can I stick them to a window or glass?

You !, you have to let us know to let you know how to place it.

(The unprinted side has an elegant white or gray color.)

 Color rendering

The colors you see on the screen are indicative and in fact there may be a slight deviation. This unfortunately does not depend on us but on the settings of the screen.

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