n these general terms and conditions, for the sake of brevity, the legal representative is referred to as stickit or as www.stickit.gr

General terms and conditions

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Stickit.gr does not request personal information from its visitors while navigating its content. 

If the user decides to proceed with the purchase from the site, then he should give his email, his name and surname his address and phone number,

within the framework of our contractual obligations for the completion of his order.

This data is intended exclusively for the correct completion of his order.

The information collected is not given to third parties. 

During this process a secure code is created with the use of which in combination with the email the user has access to the history of his order.

The password is encrypted and we do not have access to it

The user has the ability to delete part or all of his data from the management page at the link https://www.stickit.gr/index.php?controller=authentication

GDPR and Cookies

What are the cookies used on stickit.gr?
Cookies are some very small information text files that are used by browsers (Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc.) and help to make a website work better by allowing it to recognize the user's preferences every time he returns to it. 

At the site stickit.gr, there are 3 different types of these text files:

Functionality Cookies: They allow the execution of basic functions of the site. These cookies do not collect information about visitors that could be used for marketing purposes or to memorize websites that have been browsed on the internet.
Statistics Cookies: They measure the traffic of users and help the administrators of stickit.gr to improve the content of the site as a result of the best experience for visitors. These cookies do not collect information that could identify the visitor.
Preferences Cookies: Cookies that help stickit.gr to display personalized content for the user.

Why does stickit.gr use them?

For the smooth operation of the site and the best experience of its visitors. 

Our company, in order to be able to provide the best possible quality of services to the consumer, also uses the following services

The Skroutz Analytics service. Through this service, anonymous usage statistics are published on Skroutz.gr, while the data obtained through this service are covered by the privacy policy of Skroutz.gr, which can be found at https://www.skroutz.gr/privacy

The Google Analytics service. This service communicates anonymous usage statistics to google, while the data obtained through this service is covered by the Google privacy policy, which can be found at https://policies.google.com/privacy

Product reviews

At stickit.gr we give you the opportunity to evaluate the products you bought, after receiving them.

For this reason we send you one (1) email with instructions for the evaluation of the products you bought, after receiving them

If you do not want to receive the email with the evaluation reminder, send us a blank email at noreview@stickit.gr

a) Brief instructions for installing wall stickers and photo wallpapers.

Please read the basic rules for a successful paste

Wall, color, temperature, humidity

The paint is completely dry;

Most gluing problems have to do with walls that have not dried completely.

The paint dries from the outside in, and it may look dry but it is not.

The paint should have dried for at least  20 days  (in seasons with higher humidity more)

If you have dark colors for they should dry for at least  30 days

If the colors are based on water, calculate  60 days 

If the building or wall is newly built, calculate  90 days

Some eco-friendly paints do not let anything stick to it, they need a special sticker with stronger glue.

Is the wall smooth or almost smooth?

Your wall should be trowel, or smooth or with minimal texture. If your wall has a strong texture, the glue does not touch it and is deactivated

The wall is clean and dry;

Even air pollution or smoke can affect proper gluing.  Clean  the surface with a cloth soaked in lukewarm water  at least 48 hours  before gluing.

(Use a little shampoo in the water, preferably baby, if the wall is greasy on it)

Clean the pasting surface again  with a  dry cloth  before pasting.

Other factors affecting the wall;

Avoid placing the sticker in direct  sunlight  or near  heat sources. Also avoid placing in a place with direct exposure to  air conditioning as  well as rooms with  humidity.

The paste should be at room temperature, the day of low humidity.

The  temperature of the wall and the sticker should be around 21  (+ - 3 degrees)

In the summer months, prefer to stick the stickers in the morning. In winter, make sure you have the stickers indoors.

Avoid placing days with high humidity

Be careful too!

Select the location of the stickers and then insert them.

Use paper tape to determine the adhesive position and then glue the stickers Although they stick again, many position changes will disable the adhesive.

Press the stickers !!

Their glue is activated by pressure, so press the stickers well, do not forget it. After gluing, use a soft cloth and press well, especially what edges

The  pressure must be  vertical  (do not rub the surface)

Avoid touching  the side of the glue, especially with sweaty fingers.

Remove the "transfer" tape

(Refers only  to designs that have this transparent or translucent tape that helps you attach the sticker)

After installation, allow 1-2 hours to pass before removing this tape

b) Clarifications
The term printing has a use beyond the exact meaning of the term and here it describes other procedures, such as cutting colored material.

These general terms and conditions of sale govern the contractual relationship between www.stickit.gr, web developer of www.stickit.gr and its customer, which both parties accept, without reservation.

These general terms and conditions of sale take precedence over all other terms, except explicit, prior, written agreement. These general terms and conditions of sale are governed by Greek law. Buying a product from a third country, stickIT is not responsible in case of non-compliance with the legislation of that country.

The products sold at www.stickit.gr are customized according to the customer's instructions. Technical specifications and prices are valid unless subject to typographical error.

Contents of the files
Www.stickit.gr will not be responsible for the use of the delivered products. Www.stickit.gr reserves the right to refuse all orders that it deems to violate applicable Greek law for the protection of the image of natural and legal persons. Similarly, any message or document that has a pornographic character, or supports drugs, or explicitly violates applicable Greek law and regulations, is rejected by www.stickit.gr. If www.stickit.gr refuses the order for content reasons, it undertakes to notify the interested customer via e-mail. Www.stickit.gr will not be responsible for the documents or files assigned to it, in case of loss, theft or damage for any reason.

Its color and reliability
The production - printing process, in case it is done with the use of files provided by the customer, does not include optional color correction, by www.stickit.gr. The shades may vary depending on the printing process. There can be significant variations in shade & color, between what the customer sees on the computer screen or printing using their personal computer, and production - printing, using our procedures. Color accuracy (eg PANTONE ©) is not guaranteed. In case the customer has doubts about the color effect during the production of the product from his own file, he can request a sample. In the same way, the use of files provided by www.stickit.gr, can have significant differences between what the customer sees on the computer screen or printing using the computer staff. If the customer has a specific color requirement, then they should not use our service.

 Image Files
The user acknowledges that they have been informed that printing using the client-provided file requires a minimum size level (number of pixels), depending on the size of the print requested. An indication of the resolution of the file must be provided on the order. Where appropriate, it should be highlighted if the file does not have the resolution needed to print optimally in the selected format. No complaints will be accepted in case of mediocre print quality (lack of clarity, pixels in the image, etc.) if the definition is not compatible with the order form.

Price The prices displayed on www.stickit.gr for each of the products sold on it are net, including VAT. Shipping costs are listed separately. Www.stickit.gr reserves the right to review its prices at any time. Shipping costs for the service or products are calculated according to the value of the order, the payment method and the place of delivery.

Payments The price of the products and shipping costs will be paid on the date of delivery, in case of cash on delivery. Www.stickit.gr reserves the right to check, with the method of its choice, the identity and the truth of the order. In addition, www.stickit.gr reserves the right to refuse all orders of a customer with whom there is a dispute in progress or doubts about the sincerity of the order. The customer is contractually responsible for all his orders at www.stickit.gr.

Delivery of orderWww.stickit.gr makes every effort to deliver the orders available on its website, as soon as the order has been validated by the customer, within the stipulated deadlines. Delivery is made to the address indicated by the customer, where the customer undertakes to receive the product. The seller can not be held responsible in case he is unable to deliver the product, due to errors in the delivery details such as name and address. The products must be sent to the customer by the method chosen by him. Shipping costs, as the case may be, must be paid by the customer. Shipping costs are listed during the order. When the order is delivered, the customer must carefully check the condition of the packaged product and express any reservations about the product or have hypostasis. Any complaints about products that are missing or damaged during delivery must be made within three days, excluding holidays, upon receipt of the order.    

Return - return of the order. The goods received by the customer are fully customized according to their request. In this sense, trade is a service. For remotely ordered services, the execution of which began within 7 days of the consumer's agreement, the right of withdrawal does not apply. However, the customer reserves the right to cancel or return the order to customized products, in exceptional cases due to an error in the order due to an error of www.stickit.gr. In this case, the customer has a period of seven working days to exercise this right, without having to justify his reasons, nor to pay the penalties,with the exception of the cost of the original shipment, the cost of the return and any costs which depend on the method of payment.Returned goods must be sent by registered mail, in their original packaging, with the original receipt of the cash register, so as to provide irrefutable proof of return. To start the return process, the customer must contact www.stickit.gr via e-mail or phone at the corresponding phone number posted on www.stickit.gr, and clearly specify the reason for the return, and the document number . Www.stickit.gr will respond via e-mail, or by phone and will provide a "return number", which must be indicated on the outer packaging of the returned product. In no case can a return be made without the prior agreement of www.stickit.gr. Only products that have not been modified or altered in any way are returned, in their original packaging. The late delivery of goods under the responsibility of the carrier does not allow customers to claim a refund of shipping costs.Please note that: The colors of the products may differ from what you see on your screen. This is due to the settings of each screen. That is why the different color shade is not considered a mistake of www.stickit.gr (See the section colors and their reliability for more information)

More about cancellations - returns of orders from the category "Boards" The colors of the boards may differ from what you see on your screen. This is due to the settings of each screen. For this reason, the possibility of withdrawing an order and returning products from the "Panels" category concerns only a bad situation, the wear of the product, or an error in sending the design of the panel. Revocation or return from this category, which concerns the differentiation of the colors of the design, can not be done.

Refund, return charges. The customer is charged with the cost of shipping and / or return (in case it is returned at the expense of www.stickit.gr) Also www.stickit.gr withholds a lump sum of 4.90 Euros, or 15% of its value whichever is greater, as an administrative charge to cover the commissions paid by the service providers involved in the transaction (Banks, credit cards, Paypal, cash on delivery cost) and the cost of replenishing its warehouse

Order cancellation When a customer has completed and paid for the order online, by bank deposit, credit card or Paypal, the latter is considered to be fixed and can not be canceled . Exceptionally, and only if www.stickit.gr has not yet started the production of the goods, the cancellation can be done. In this case, prior confirmation of non-commencement of production is required by e-mail or telephone. Www.stickit.gr must then return the amount paid, but withholds a lump sum of 4.90 Euros, as an administrative charge to cover the commissions received from the service providers involved in the transaction (Banks, credit cards, Paypal).

Explanation on ownership www.stickit.gr maintains ownership of the ordered products until the full, actual payment of the price. If, for any reason, the product that has been delivered to the customer, and the latter has not been paid, www.stickit.gr is entitled to get the product back. However, the customer remains responsible for the products that have just been delivered.
Responsibility Www.stickit.gr can not be held responsible for any damage of any kind, material or intangible or physical, which may result from improper operation or misuse of products sold by it. The responsibility of www.stickit.gr, in all cases to be limited to the amount of the order, and can not be invoked for errors or omissions that could possibly exist, despite the precautionary measures taken, regarding the presentation of the products. Customer Identification It is mandatory to collect customer names and addresses for the purpose of distance selling, as this information is necessary for the processing and sending of orders. Failure to provide this information will result in non-validation of orders. Www.stickit. gr may collect additional information in order to improve the services provided or to inform its customers about offers or other promotions, only if and if the customer agrees to it. The customer has the right to access and correct this information through the special section at www.stickit.gr or through the e-mail address: info@stickit.gr. He can also send a request for complete deletion of his personal data to this address. Force majeure www.stickit.gr cannot be considered responsible for the obligation to deliver its products, in case of events beyond its control. In particular, cases of force majeure include floods, fires, natural disasters, accidents, total or partial strikes, war, riots, or government decisions.

Ratings. At stickit.gr we give you the option to evaluate our products and receive a discount for your next purchases. Our policy is to publish all ratings, whether good or bad.

We reserve the right to contact the client for clarification, and give him the opportunity to change the rating

However, in case we consider that the evaluation is obviously misleading in relation to any other reviews - comments for the same product, or it concerns a specific personal case (eg problem in the paste due to non-observance of the instructions or problems in the installation process), or reference to problems due to incorrect reading of the properties, descriptions, dimensions, how the product is used or contains a reference to third parties or the comment is short or insufficient in the description or identical to another of the same customer, or does not represent the product but eg the shipping process (delay courier), stickit.gr reserves the right to delete or not display the comments of the evaluation.

Disputes In case of disputes, the law of Greek contracts applies. All disputes concerning the validity, interpretation or performance of this contract shall be brought before the competent bodies. Www.stickit.gr, however, reserves the right to appeal to justice through the competent judicial authorities. Headquarters Name: Panagiotis I. Siomos, Address: 17th of November 81, Pylea, Thessaloniki (Greece). Telephone: +30 2310951614 E-mail: admin@stickit.gr TIN: EL046671347

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